Stable Museum

This museum, officially inaugurated on July 25, 2014 is the culmination to preserve and display the numerous gifts that the Presidents of India have received over the years. Beyond these gifted artefacts, the museum’s collection also includes arms, furniture, sculptures, textiles, photographs, archival material and more.

Historic Meeting

The first important event in the Government House (as Rashtrapati Bhavan was then called), the Gandhi Irwin Pact has been displayed in one enclave while the other shows the Historic Meeting of June 2, 1947 wherein the partition of India was accepted by the Indian leaders.


Arms Section

The War Scene Gallery, the first segment in the Long Hall, is a throwback into the country’s history showcasing antique arms and armors used in the Anglo-Sikh and Anglo-Afghan wars. These antiquities have artistically been used to recreate war scenes, synced with modern audiovisual techniques of storytelling.